Central European Studies Program

This programme is taught in English.

The main aim of the Central European Studies Program is to familiarize students with the history and current situation of Central European countries. It is designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of the history, political systems, economy, culture, political philosophy, sociology and ethnic and minority politics in Central European countries. Special attention is given to the current transformation of political, economic and social life in the Central European countries.


Number of Classes

Students will take 6 academic courses of 1.5 hours (2 academic hours) each for a total of 12 academic hours weekly. Several other courses are offered each semester in English and are available to CESP participants upon approval of the respective instructors. Courses usually last 12 weeks.


CESP courses include

  • Central European History since 1945
  • Central European Political Systems
  • Ethnic and National Minorities in Central Europe
  • Central European Culture and Society
  • The Politics of the Environment in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Central European Countries and European Integration


Examinations and Credits

Students will be assessed by a combination of continual assessment and final examination at the end of each term. Examinations will be in December and May.

Palacky Universitys curriculum is integrated into the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Each one-term course is worth 5 ECTS credits. The six courses in this program translate into the 30 credit half-year courseload of the ECTS.


Timetable and Course Registration

Fall courses begin usually in the third week of September. The autumn term is September - December. Spring courses begin in the second or third week of February. The spring term is February - May. The deadline for application is June 10 for the fall semester and December 10 for the spring semester.

The tuition fee is 2000 EUR

For further question contact Marketa Šustková at marketa.sustkova(at)upol.cz