International Cooperation


Erasmus programme


The Department of Politics and European Studies of the PF of the PU sends up to 40 students for one- or two-semestral study stays at its partner universities:


Haagse Hogeschool (Haag, Nizozemí);
Université catholique de Louvain (Lovaň, Belgie);
Université Montpellier (Montpellier, Francie);
University of Portsmouth (Portsmouth, Velká Británie);
University of Salford (Greater Manchester, Velká Británie;
Loughborough University (Loughborough, Velká Británie);
University of Limerick (Limerick, Irsko);
University of Helsinki (Helsinky, Finsko);
Friedrich Schiller Universität (Jena, Německo);
Universität Leipzich (Lipsko, Německo);
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid, Španělsko);
Tischner European University (Krakov, Polsko);
Fatih University (Istanbul, Turecko);
Işik University (Maslak - Istanbul, Turecko);

Pázmány Péter Catholic University (Piliscsaba, Maďarsko);
Universidade do Minho (Braga, Portugalsko);



National Model United Nations, NMUN


In 2008 KPES included the National Model United Nations (NMUN) into their course programme. This is a mandatory one-semester course, aimed at familiarizing students with the functions of the United Nations and the current issues that this organisation deals with in their sessions.

Since 2009, students of KPES have represented their department, and by extension the entire Palacky University, in a joint delegation together with students from Valdosta State University (VSU) at the prestigious international conference NMUN in New York ( It is the world's largest simulation of the United Nations, and includes various committees and affiliated organizations intended for university students. The joint delegation of VSU and KPES FF UP has regularly won the prestigious "Distinguished Delegation" award.


Each year the participants summarize the conference in the UP Journal. The following articles written by the participants available for reference: 2009 (National Model United Nations: How to Learn to Promote Designs and Find Consensus; 2010 (Students Represent University in New York:; 2011 (International Conference of the National Model United Nations: Political Science Students Return from New York with Award; and 2012 (UP Students Once Again Prize-Winning Delegation - This Time on Broadway:


2009 (Národní model OSN: Jak se naučit prosazovat své návrhy a nacházet konsensus:

2010 (Studenti reprezentovali univerzitu v New Yorku:

2011 (Mezinárodní konference Národní model OSN: studenti politologie si přivezli z New Yorku ocenění:

2012 (Studenti UP opět oceněnou delegací – tentokrát na Broadwayi:


In January 2012, a delegation of students attended the separate KPES and European regional conference in Lille, France (What Connects Colombia, Lille and Palacky University?: Http:// -and-university-Palacky /).
One of the biggest international events held in recent years under the auspices of the Rector of Palacky University, along with the American organization NCCA, organizing the annual conference in New York, was the NMUN European Conference in November 2010 in Manchester. The role of the UN Secretary General was played by Hynek Melichar, who lectures in courses on international relations and international security. The delegation of students from KPES represented Luxembourg on this occasion. (Palacky University Hosts Mock UN Meeting: The conference and accompanying program for three hundred students from eleven countries was organized by a team of forty students from our department. (The Olomouc NMUN Conference:


Study Options in the USA

Valdosta State University - Valdosta, Georgia, USA ( is a partner university of UP
Cooperation with the University mainly consists of student exchanges (one semester, year-long study). KPES also annually hosts the Maymester Study Abroad program, which receives students from Valdosta State University.

The Merrill program:

Students from KPES are regularly successful in acquiring the Merrill scholarship, which allows them to participate in the annual study program of a US university. The Office for Foreign Relations at UP is responsible for the programme’s administration. The Selection Committee for the Merrill program is appointed by the rector of UP. Details of the criteria and selection procedures can be found at:  


Overseas study implemented through other programs (Free-Movers etc.)

Students studying abroad in programs other than Erasmus (e.g. Free-Movers, etc.) are also required to sign the Learning Agreement (together with other documents located at http://www / menu / international-relations / forms /) before leaving. This agreement serves, among other things, as a basis for claiming recognition of course credit from foreign universities for studies at FF UP (see. No. 01/2009 - Recognition of Credits from Foreign Study at to students / guidelines-and-formulare /).
All students who are planning to study abroad are kindly asked to consult the pages of the Department of Foreign Studies at FF UP and to contact the assistant for foreign affairs, Mrs. Mgr. Jana Horáková (



Examples of foreign study and work placements

Michael Brtnický, International Language Institute, Cairo, 2012

Thanks to the Mobility – Free-Mover programme and support from KPES I got the opportunity to further develop my knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic at the International Language Institute (ILI) in Cairo.  Thanks to its methodology and quality teachers ILI also offers an ideal choice for those who do not study Arabic studies, but are still interested in ​​North Africa and the Middle East and want to study it in more depth. In addition to studying the language, it was infinitely more interesting for me to visit a country that is part of the topic of my dissertation, and with my own eyes follow the political changes in contemporary Egypt: demonstrations, rallies, and agitations from both camps. When I wrote my bachelor thesis in Olomouc, devoted to the history and prospects of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, I did not know that in a few years I would hear the thunderous noise of the chants of that organization from just below my window.




Lucie Halouzková, HAL9000 Limited, Brussels, 2010-2011

My internship in the Brussels division of the consulting firm HAL9000 Limited was a very good experience. This internship allowed me to put into practice the knowledge of the institutions of the European Union I’d gained by studying at KPES. With this internship, I gained work experience with an international team of professionals in the field of consulting. I also had the opportunity to attend interesting talks at the Committee of the Regions and the European Commission. During the internship, I worked on a cross-border project dealing with development services, which included fourteen regions from five EU countries. With this project, I participated in several international meetings and in the presentation of this project at the Week of the Regions in Brussels. This internship was focused on the practical aspects of the job, and the internship coordinators were very friendly and always willing to consult with me about my work. Therefore, I can highly recommend this internship.



Ondřej Filipec, European Commission, DG COMM, Prague / Brussels 2013

As a Blue Book Stagiaire I could apply the knowledge gained at KPES to the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic. Here I worked in the political section, and was in charge of political coverage. My work involved informing the European Commission about politics in the Czech Republic and the Czech position on draft secondary legislation acts which were discussed in the committees of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, or mapping the positions of ministries on major issues before a session of the Council. In addition, the work also involved creating analyses and documents to help organize educational events or contact with the public. I was especially appreciated by my superiors for my good work with text when writing reports and for my analytical thinking ability. Which are two skills that studying at the KPES develops. Also, the knowledge of the European agenda, institutions, and processes acquired during studies at KPES allowed me to adapt quickly in the dynamic environment of the European Commission. And I'm not alone. During my stay in Brussels I met several KPES graduates working with EU institutions and thriving in the highly competitive environment.