Semestral Central European Studies Program

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M.A. - European Studies and International RelationsSemestral Central European Studies ProgramCourses for incoming ERASMUS students
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Winter semesterSummer semesterWinter and Summer semester
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Course ID Name Type
KPE/UPArts and PoliticsCompulsory options (B)
KPE/VCICentral Europe and the European UnionCompulsory options (B)
KPE/CECSCentral European Culture and SocietyCompulsory options (B)
KPE/CEHCentral European History Since 1945Compulsory options (B)
KPE/PSCCentral European Political SystemsCompulsory options (B)
KPE/ENMEthnic and National Minorities in CECompulsory options (B)
KPE/DPEDiplomatic Protocol & EtiquetteCompulsory options (B)
KPE/VK12British-EU RelationsOptional courses (C)
KPE/VK14Current Issues in British PoliticsOptional courses (C)