Nabídka nových volitelných kurzů

Datum vložení: 26.08.2016

Autor: Ivana Grenová


Vážení studenti,

do rozvrhových akcí jsou vloženy tři nové kurzy, vyučované prof. Dr. Gökhanem Bacikem:

1) KPE/VK1 Middle Eastern Politics, 5 kreditů, zkouška

In this course, the syllabus would focus on major institutions, patterns and dynamics that make up the general features of the Middle Eastern politics. The syllabus will include certain topics such as the Arab state, Arab nationalism, the political economy of the Arab state, the origins of the regional order in the Middle East, great powers and the Middle East, Islam and politics, democracy and the region etc.

2) KPE/VK11 Middle Easte after Arab Spring, 5 kreditů , zkouška

This course would focus specifically on the recent developments that came out after the Arab ‘Spring’. Indeed, the course will take the Arab ‘Spring’ as a major methodological point of departure. Thus, it will include several topics/weeks such as the causes of the Arab ‘spring’, theorizing the Arab ‘spring’. Then the course would focus on how this process would change the region in regard to certain topics such as Turkey, the return of Iran to the state system, the collapse of states in Syria and Libya, the rise of sub-state actors such as the ISIS etc.

3) KPE/VK15 Turkish Policy and Society, 5 kreditů, zkouška

This course would mainly focus on three phenomena on Turkey: Political ideas, political actors/institutions/parties and major periods such as Atatürk era or Turgut Özal Era. In this course, given the recent developments in Turkey.