Nový volitelný kurz

Datum vložení: 01.09.2016

Autor: Ivana Grenová


Vážení studenti,



Ve STAGU je k dispozici další volitelný kurz: Israel’s National Security KPE/GLS (Guest Lecture Series) Vyučuje Dan Schueftan, Ph.D., 5 kreditů

Anotace kurzu:

The course takes a National Security Studies perspective, examining the complex interrelationship between the social, political, ethical, diplomatic, economic and military dimensions of national security. In addition to acquiring academic insights, students will be introduced to real-time dilemmas and choices in one of the most important regions in the world, where the great powers are deeply involved and regional entities undergo dramatic changes that affect people far beyond the Middle East.
The course will focus on the national security of Israel - a democratic and highly developed state situated in the midst of a very unstable, authoritarian and violent region with a high proportion of failed and disintegrating entities. It will discuss primarily two major challenges facing the Israeli society. The first is the century-long preoccupation with nation building, bringing together a people that was scattered for millennia without a common experience, a common land and a common language. The second is balancing the existential need of defending Israel in an environment of hostility, violence and radicalism, with the indispensable commitment to an open, free and pluralistic society.


Kurz bude vyučován blokově v termínu 17. -19. 10. 2016, místnost a časy budou upřesněny.