EPSO Prep Course pro studenty i nestudenty

Datum vložení: 16.02.2017

Autor: Ivana Grenová


Vážení studenti,


níže kopíruji informaci o novém kurzu organizovaném na VŠE v Praze pro vysokoškolské studenty ze všech vysokých škol, ale i případné "nestudenty". Kurz je zaměřen na přípravu na EPSO testy, tj. vstupní testy do institucí EU: 

EPSO Prep Course pro studenty (i nestudenty) mimo VŠE. Kurz je možné absolvovat v podobě mimořádného studia, kde se za 1 kredit ECTS platí 700 Kč. Kurz má 3 kredity ECTS, takže za celý kurz by to bylo 2100 Kč.



Link na přihlášku:




Sylabus kurzu v EN a rozvrh v LS:


Course code:


Course title in language of instruction:

EPSO Tests Preparation Course

Course title in Czech:

Přípravný kurz na testy EPSO - anglicky

Course title in English:

EPSO Tests Preparation Course

Number of ECTS credits allocated:

3 (1 ECTS credit = 26 hours of workload)

Mode of delivery:

full-time; 0/2 (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week) as semestral course

Mode of completion:

graded course

Language of instruction:


Level of course and year of study:

master (second cycle): 4


SS 2016/2017

Name of lecturer(s):

JUDr. Nicole Grmelová, Ph.D. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, supervisor)

Prerequisites and co-requisites:


Recommended optional programme components:


Work placement:



Aims of the course:

This course is optional. Students will have the opportunity to practice tests which are part of open competitions organized by EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office) in order to become EU officials. Students will train the individual steps of the selection procedure in reduced groups and they will obtain feedback on their performance. Also, students will get acquainted with the legal status of EU officials under the EU Staff Regulation. The course stresses the development of soft skills, including theories and methods developed by human resources specialists.


Learning outcomes and competences:

Having completed the course, students
- Will be able to distinguish different forms of working for the EU (officials, temporary
agents, contract agents)
- Will be acquainted with the EU Staff Regulations
- Will improve their analytical skills
- Will improve their oral and written communication skills on topics related to EU affairs
- Will obtain information on the internal functioning of EU bodies and institutions,
which is crucial for succeeding in EPSO tests
Students will be able to elaborate on their skills related
- to team work
- resilience
- proposing alternative ways of solving problems linked to EU agenda.


Course contents:


Working for the EU: contract agents, temporary agents, officials, seconded national experts (allowance 0/2)


Legal status of EU officials (allowance 0/2)


CBT (Computer Based tests) I: Verbal Reasoning (allowance 0/2)


CBT II: Numerical Reasoning. (allowance 0/2)


CBT III: Abstract Reasoning. (allowance 0/2)


CBT IV: Situational Judgment Test. (allowance 0/2)


E-tray I (allowance 0/2)


E-tray II (allowance 0/2)


Group Exercise (allowance 0/2)


Presentation (allowance 0/2)


Interview (allowance 0/2)


Reserve list -- validity; lobbying for a post (allowance 0/2)


Final test (allowance 0/2)


Learning activities, teaching methods and workload (hours):

Type of teaching method

Daily attendance

Attendance at seminars/workshops/tutorials

26 h

Preparation for seminars/workshops/tutorials

26 h

Preparation for final test

26 h


78 h

21 March, 28 March, 11 April and 18 April 2014, room NB 474, 9 AM-4 PM