NABÍDKA STUDENTŮM KPES (kromě prvního ročníku bakalářského studia): Field trip t

Datum vložení: 23.04.2017

Autor: Mgr. Markéta Žídková Ph.D., M.





The Department of Development and Environmental Studies is organising a field trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BaH) this semester. The department has received a special grant from Czech Development Agency for this project. Therefore the participation of students is partly covered by this grant. Students are asked to pay only a contribution of 3500 CZK. Within the field trip the travel costs (to and from BaH, and as well as in BaH, not the public transport) and accommodation (simple accommodation in common room) will be covered. Students have to cover the visa (if needed), food and public transport. The field trip will take place in June 2017 (1st half – probably 3.–13. 6.). Travel insurance will be organised and covered by Palacky University. The duration of the trip shall be 10 days (including the travel to and from the country by bus).


The funding from Czech Development Agency is bound to organisation of awareness raising activities after the return. Each student is therefore committed to carry out at least two activities that will disseminate the information about the field trip and development cooperation of the Czech Republic and the EU (e.g. newspaper article, discussion at high school or university, interview in radio, photo exhibition ...). During the excursion all the possible activities will be discussed and students will be prepared for them under the guidance of experienced journalist. Before and after the field trip special workshops focusing on BaH will be organized.


The aim of the field trip:

The students will a chance to confront their theoretical knowledge with the practical side of development cooperation directly in field and familiarize themselves with the programs and projects implemented by the Czech, International and/or local development organizations in BaH (priority country of the Czech Development Cooperation). 



1.      Fill in the application form and hand it in to Mrs. Marie Bušínová (at Dpt. of Development and Environmental Studies) together with the payment. Send a scan to

2.      Pay non-refundable deposit of 3500 CZK to the department secretary till 26 April 2017 latest.

The payment is possible every day 9 AM to 11 AM. Students will receive the payment confirmation.

3.      Students coming from outside the EU must check the information about visa and invitation requirements. Each student is responsible for organizing his/her own visa and the costs. The Department might help with the invitation letters if necessary.


Preliminary draft program:

e.g. Embassy of Czech Republic to BaH, Nansen Dialogue Center Sarajevo, OECD office in Sarajevo, different UN agencies, Delegation of EU in BaH, projects of Czech Development Cooperation, Local Agency for Democracy Mostar/Zavidovići, Office of the High Representative, Helsinki Committee Bijeljina, Udruženje Zašto ne?, Udruženje Sara Srebrenica, Institut za razvoj mladih Kult, Mreža za izgradnju mira…


If you have further questions please contact Simona Šafaříková/Lenka Dušková.