PSE2 Exam weeks

Datum vložení: 30.04.2017

Autor: Mgr. Ivana Častulíková



Dear All,

as stated in our classes, this is a scenario for last two (exam) classes of PSE2:

-         -  The Simulation Exam topic for the Czech Chamber of Deputies was set on: What Model Is There for (good quality) Third Level Education (aka Colleges and Universities) in the Czech Republic (is tuition an option?)

-        -  There will be two exam groups for both upcoming weeks (i.e. 9.45-11.30 and 13.15-14.45). We ask students from the very last group (15.00-16.30) to merge with the 13.15-14.45 group.

-         - Students will work in pairs. Please do send me an email in case you prefer working with a colleague by Monday 6 pm or we shall set groups in alph. order and will not consider any additional requests.

-        -  The parties for your group will be chosen randomly and announced at the DPES Board on Monday evening/Tuesday. Let me remind you, you must host your role perfectly even though you may not agree with a party´s program and ideas.

-        -  Those who cannot attend any/both classes, please do contact me ASAP as you will be given additional work and special role in the Committee.

-       -   Please do see the Course Syllabus for evaluation system and points.

-        -  You will be given a short introduction to the topic at the beginning of a lesson; however, it is utterly necessary to prepare well for the exam as we shall:

o   Ask you for two (3-5 minutes max.) speeches of your party during 1st exam lesson on: (1.) a summary of your party position on the topic and (2.) a basic intro to a model your party suggests for upcoming years/election.

o   Discuss the issue in further details during 2nd week on issues that will require research (questions and aspects being debated will be set on 1st lesson)

o   Ask additional questions and expect vital reactions


Please do contact me if you have additional questions. Thank you for your cooperation,