PSE2 Results and 2. term

Datum vložení: 17.05.2017

Autor: Mgr. Ivana Častulíková



Dear All,

please do follow STAG for your results of PSE2 exam. If you have any questions about your exam points (as you have seen your class activity points as well as teaching a lesson points in our class already), please do contact me at Those of you, who needs to attend the 2nd term of PSE2 exam (as you did not have enough points from 1st term of the exam, mostly because of the second week/part, i.e. discussion) will be given additional assignment, that is: writing a 1-2papers long (max.!) essay on: what is a position of your party on third-level education reform compare to a program of the Dawn Party (Úsvit). This time though, we expect much better preparation and hopefully will get to read a paper of proper research and good quality (you may get 25 points as you could have gotten at your 2nd exam week - aka discussion). Please note, the deadline is strictly set on Wednesday 24th at 8 pm.

Thank you for your cooperation, IC