Nabídka placené stáže v Bruselu ve finančním sektoru

Datum vložení: 17.05.2017

Autor: Mgr. et Mgr. Jakub Lysek


Milí studenti, 

je zde možnost placené (cca. 1 200 EUR měsíčně + stravenky 7 EUR denně) stáže v Bruselu ve finančním sektoru, kterou výrazně doporučuji. V případě zájmu kontaktujte nejdříve mě a poté se obratťe na Mgr. Lucii Halouzkovou naši úspěšnou absolventku:


This year, BNY Mellon welcomes students who are eager to have a first insight in the financial sector during 1 month, either in July, August or September.



How to apply? Students can send an e-mail to  clearly mentioning the link with the BNYM employee, and during which month they would like to work with us. They should include a cover letter and a CV in English.


Please note that the deadline to apply for this summer is 22 May 2017.


Applications will be taken into consideration providing that: • Candidates are at least 18 years old. • They are registered at their school/university until the end of the student job. For any question, please contact Sonna 


Kind regards, Lucie


Lucie Halouzková

BNY Mellon

Controller | EMEA Settlements
Rue Montoyerstraat 46, 1000 Brussels (Belgium)
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