Diplomatic Protocol & Etiquette

Kód kurzu: KPE/DPE

Program: Bakalářské - politologie a evropská studia , Magisterské - politologie , Magisterské - evropská studia a mezinárodní vztahy , Central European Studies Program, kurzy Erasmus

Typ: Povinně volitelné kurzy (B)

Termín výuky: 0, 2, 3. ročník, Zimní semestr

Jazyk výuky: English

Počet kreditů: 4

Struktura výuky: Lectures + Seminars (1+1)

Způsob ukončení: Kolokvium


The purport of this minor (‘B’ - optional course) of Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette (KPE/DPE) is to acquaint students with the history and current position of diplomacy in the world politics. Furthermore, the protocol and etiquette shall be introduced and practised thoroughly. The course also stresses the basics of diplomatic law, and offers an essential set of information which may be applied within an extensive common practise in the diplomatic service, and other relevant institutions such as the EU, UN, and top management as well. The course encourages students to become familiar with and capable of engaging with manifold cruces in the field. Since this is a sphere of swift change, so it is indispensable to keep abreast of current issues. Students are advised to read The Economist together with Financial Times regularly, and other press is upon students’ preference and liking.

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